Will a CRM make my team more productive?

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should be using a CRM system in your business or not, you might be wondering whether a CRM will make your team more productive. Well, here’s the truth:

According to Salesforce, a CRM has an average ROI of $8.71 for every dollar spent. CRM increases sales by up to 29%, improve productivity levels by up to 34% and increases sales revenue by up to 41% per salesperson.

So, if CRM systems are truly so powerful, how exactly do they make your team productive? It’s all well and good looking into the numbers and the statistics behind CRMs, but that’s different to understanding how CRM systems can benefit your business and make your teams more productive.

How does a CRM make my team more productive?

Customer Relationship Management systems play a vital role in modern businesses. Almost all global businesses are using CRM systems and making the most of them. But, CRMs aren’t just beneficial to large companies, they’re great for small and medium-sized businesses too.

Project pipeline

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is keeping track of projects, deals, and general progress on tasks. This is where a CRM sales pipeline will help your team to keep track of each element and ensure that everything is done on time.

CRMs provide an easy way for businesses and salespeople to track their communications with customers and clients. These pipelines can easily be managed and altered, which allows your team to quickly get an update on the progress of any given task.

CRMs can track the following elements within your business:

  • Appointment scheduled
  • Prospects qualified to buy
  • Presentation scheduled 
  • Decision-maker bought-in 
  • Contracts sent
  • Sales activity levels
  • Meeting to close deal hit rates 

Time Saving Features

Having a CRM integrated with your business systems allows your team to save some time on smaller tasks that have less of an impact on the success of your business. This allows your team to focus more on the bigger tasks that matter more.

Automation is one of the biggest benefits that come with adopting a CRM. Your system can be programmed to automate smaller tasks that take up crucial time in your team’s schedule. 

Here are just a few examples of tasks that a CRM can automate:

  • Logging into various software to get work done.
  • Having to manually respond to most internal emails.
  • Setting reminders in order to get various tasks done.
  • Gathering data from various sources in order to generate reports.

Streamlined collaboration between teams

With a CRM at the heart of your business, your entire team has one unified system that they can work with. This allows every team member to view a project, a sales deal, or even just a task in the form of a ticket.

Moving this ticket onto the next step in the process is as simple as passing it along to the next stage in the CRM. This will automatically notify the relevant team members and inform them of what they need to do. Team members can tag one another in projects, leave notes, and get an overview of the entire ticket in a matter of seconds. This negates the need for time-consuming and disruptive meetings or phone calls.

CRMs also allow you to integrate third-party apps such as Slack, Google Docs, Zoom, and many more. This allows your team to use their favourite productivity apps more seamlessly and with more purpose.

Final Thoughts

CRMs are the ultimate systems that will connect your business and allow your entire team to work together in a more productive way. Research has shown that companies that use CRMs experienced far more productivity and a boost in their sales compared to those that don’t.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, make sure to get in touch with a GoCRM expert as soon as possible for a personalised assessment of your business, and a recommendation of which CRM will fit you best.

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