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We specialise in CRM process design, implementation, integrations and enhancements. The three focus areas below encompass these services to deliver maximum ROI from your CRM journey.

Have you ever heard the often-cited statistic: “Most CRM implementations fail.” This statement is very true. The easiest way to avoid this entirely is to commit to a formal CRM design and setup process with a team that has set up and trained over 200+ companies on CRM.

GoCRM can set you off on the right path, to guarantee a successful CRM implementation. We involve the right stakeholders from the start. We ask the right questions upfront. And, we identify the right goals and objectives for your CRM system implementation.

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CRM licences are expensive. As you expand your CRM into your team, licence costs can easily exceed the CRM ROI. To avoid this, it helps to have a partner like GoCRM to create a roadmap for your journey.

For each CRM vendor, there are clearly defined points at which free licences can be combined with paid licences. There are also clear combinations of licences to create maximum ROI. Mistakes with licence capabilities can be very costly and lock you in for multiple years.

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Using an Agile and continuous improvement methodology, your CRM can evolve in a way that involves all employees and make the entire business more efficient. At GoCRM, we look at CRM productivity as a gradual and systematic process, but putting the right processes in place to drive this process can make a massive impact from day one.

GoCRM also consults with companies that have already implemented CRM. These companies are looking for productivity enhancements in the software and reporting. They may also be looking to optimise processes between departments – Sales and Marketing, for example. Or they might be looking for system integrations – like an accounting package into the CRM.

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