5 Ways to Use Your CRM to Warm up Leads

If your business’ main focus is converting leads into sales, then you would benefit from using a CRM. Customer Relationship Management systems are incredibly powerful and they allow you to connect with your leads on a more personal level. Here are five ways that you can use a CRM to warm up your leads and convert them.

1. Use Consistent Communication

Consistent communication is important in keeping your leads warm. But, you don’t want to be spamming people with content that they might find annoying and irrelevant. This is when your leads will become closed off to any future communications with your business.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to follow up on every lead and nurture them. That is unless you have a CRM that allows you to automate workflows and email marketing sequences. Whenever a new contact is created on your database, your CRM will automatically start the process of warming up your new leads.

CRMs also allow you to keep track of your communications with any given lead. If you’ve noticed that 10 emails have been sent to them and there has been little interaction in return, it might be time to take a different approach to warm them up.

2. Send the Right Content at the Right Time

Identifying where your leads are in the buyer’s process is one of the most important elements of sending them relevant content at the right time. If you’re using a CRM, you can easily identify where they are in your sales funnel and identify their buyer persona.

Over 70% of internet users claim to be frustrated by receiving irrelevant emails at inconvenient times. Being able to track your leads allows you to send them relevant content that will be useful to them based on where they are on their buyer’s journey, which creates a more positive experience for them.

3. Investigate Customers’ Previous Interactions

If you were able to see how much each customer interacted with your business and your marketing emails, you could see what they reacted to best. CRMs can track metrics such as website visits, email opens, clicks on landing pages, and also the content they download from your website.

This data gives you an insight into what content your leads are enjoying the most and what piques their interest. This allows you to tailor your content to each lead and personalise the content to their needs and preferences.

Your leads are far more likely to interact with your content and convert if they’re receiving marketing that appeals to them. With marketing emails that are useful rather than annoying, leads are also more likely to stay onboard even after they have converted, which can lead to them coming back in the future.

4. Keep Customers in Contact with the Same Person

People are much more likely to interact with another human being rather than with a generic account. People don’t want to talk to “”. They want to talk to Luke, who they’ve seen and read about on the company website.

Keeping your customers in touch with a real human being is crucial. It’s also important to keep your customers in touch with the same person, as this builds more of a connection between the business and its customers.

5. Re-engaging Old Customers

Leads can often go cold, but that doesn’t mean that you need to give up on them. For the majority of your leads, all the hard work has already been done, all you need to do is warm them up again, just like a microwave meal.

Your CRM will keep track of your leads and the interactions you’ve had with them from emails to any other actions taken such as link clicks and website visits. So, if you’re using this system properly, you should have a long list of leads that you can re-target.

All you need to do is approach them again and work on using a different angle. You can even adjust your email marketing to be more personalised to try and hook your cold leads and convert them.

Final Thoughts

Converting leads is incredibly difficult. But, if you’re using a CRM you can nurture your leads and warm them up just by using good communication and a personalised message. Use the five steps above to warm up your leads and get them to reengage with their business if you feel that they are losing interest. If you need to get a CRM up and running, get in touch with a GoCRM expert.

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